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22:46 Ticket #473 (Buffer too small) closed by mickem
fixed: NRPE only supports 1024 chars (out-of-the-box) and NSClient++ (0.3.x) only …
20:29 Ticket #473 (Buffer too small) created by ellingtonsantos
After executing a homemade script, sometimes nsclient++ returns follow …


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More changes (diff)
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Fixed a few typo's and tried to improve upon the readability (diff)
15:05 Ticket #472 (CheckServiceState CheckAll does not check every service) created by pklaffehn
Hi, on my german Windows 2008 R2 there is an service named "Windows …


11:01 Ticket #471 (CheckProcState [CheckSystem.dll] regular expression match and cmdLine ...) created by abarbieri
Hello, I'm using the stable release 0.3.9 and I have noticed the problem …
01:19 Ticket #470 (nsclient++ not recognizing warning or critical state) closed by mrtexasfreedom
invalid: I humbly apologize. I am inexperienced in .bat files (my background is in …
01:13 Ticket #470 (nsclient++ not recognizing warning or critical state) created by mrtexasfreedom
I've got installed on a remote server running the …


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Added msi example with several features disabled (diff)


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