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Well, if you feel like it, it is always appreciated. This program is written on my spare time and I make no money at all from it, nor do my "employer" pay me for writing on it. But I do enjoy to write programs so it is not so bad really :) Anyways if you feel you use NSCP and like it feel free to donate some $.


A simple way to send money is paypal, the theory is you just fill out how much and click "donate" and somehow the money is transmuted to me? When I get the email I will add you to the [fans NSClient++ Fan] page (if you don't want to be added let me know).


Michael Medin
Terapivägen 6b 3tr


Well, if you actually wanna give away money that badly I am flexible, let me know what works for you and I think we can work something out. Contact me by email michael@… and let me know.

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